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AutoPTT: Voice-activated push-to-talk

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AutoPTT is a Windows application that presses and releases your push-to-talk key based on voice activity.

You can try it out for free. See the website for more info!

Example uses

  • Use voice activation when it's not officially supported (Discord priority speaker, Valorant team voice, etc)
  • Universal voice activation: set up once in AutoPTT, then use push-to-talk (and have AutoPTT press the key)
  • Automatically press push-to-talk with soundboard apps like Voicemod (by voice activation or extra activation key)
  • Advanced voice activation options such as Tap mode, Push-to-Mute and Release Delay (see below)


  • Activation Modes
    • Voice Activity: The app will both press and release the Push-to-Talk key for you.
    • Tap: You start speaking by pressing the Push-to-Talk key but you can release the key immediately after; the app will keep Push-to-Talk active until you stop speaking.
    • Manual: Does nothing. Will still play sound effects for you though if you want a confirmation for when you've pressed or released the Push-to-Talk key.
  • Hotkeys
    • Push-to-Mute
    • Change to a specific Activation Mode
    • Cycle between Activation Modes
    • Extra Activation Keys (for use with soundboard apps and Tap mode)
  • Play sound when...
    • Push-to-Talk has been pressed or released (by you, or by AutoPTT)
    • Push-to-Mute has been pressed or released
    • Activation Mode has been changed
  • Release Delay: Keep the mic active for a time even after the sound level drops below the activation threshold.
  • Safe (aka Paranoid) mode: Make sure that the PTT key doesn't get stuck in an active state, which can happen on some systems when running programs with elevated privileges.

More information on the website.

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AutoPTT: Voice-activated push-to-talk

2 ratings
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